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SAUNASNET® Luxurious Cube Outdoor Sauna Room Square 01

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Material: Hemlock

Style: Half-moon back window

Welcome to SAUNASNET®

We have our own independent factory and designer

Factory-operated Sauna Store

Product features and precautions

This square barrel sauna has unique softly rounded corners that not only add to the appeal, but also provide plenty of space inside the sauna. The beautiful Western Canadian Red Cedar is not only beautiful and durable, but it also has an aroma that we all love.

Shipping & Delivery

Free Shipping

Our free shipping include what is called "curbside delivery". Curbside delivery means that the freight company will unload the boxes into your driveway or in front of your property. If your driveway is cleared and your garage easily accessible they might agree to put the boxes in but it is at their discretion. Should you be located in a remote location extra shipping fees may apply. If you are living in an apartment building or condominiums, you'll be responsible for bringing the boxes up the elevator to your apartment.

Delivery Time

For products in stock, our total delivery time is around 15 days.

For products that are not in stock, our total delivery time is around 60 days.

The specific time will also vary depending on holidays and your home address.

Preparation Before Buying

1. Foundation preparation

Choose a flat, stable, dry site to place your sauna. Make sure the floor can bear the weight of the sauna and provide enough space to accommodate the size of the sauna (please refer to the first suggestion in the FAQ for details)

2. Electrical preparation

Depending on the size and type of sauna you plan on purchasing, different electrical requirements will be needed.

If you opt for a traditional model, you need to prepare 220v socket with 20AMPS in advance. All of our traditional sauna heaters /steamers are hardwired and must be connected directly to the electrical line.

If you opt for an infrared sauna, you need to prepare 220v hard wires breaker with 40AMPS in advance.

Since the specific power of each sauna is different, the above values are for reference only. If you want to know the accurate value, you need to divide the power of the sauna you purchased by the voltage to get the current value of the circuit breaker.

3.Choose whether to purchase our installation service based on specific circumstances

If you need our installation service, please select the installation service option directly when placing your order. This service is priced at US$1,400.This requires you to take the initiative to contact us after you receive the sauna room, and we will immediately help you make an appointment with the installation company for installation service.

If you do not need our installation services, you can also install it yourself according to the instructions we provide. If you have any questions during the installation process, please contact us at any time and we will provide you with online guidance.

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Call Us: (562) 215-1031 / (213) 245-7232 Monday - Friday 24-hour service

After-sales Service

We have 1 year warranty for electrical part and 3 years warranty for wooden part.

Our warranty covers the cabin and everything that makes your sauna work: power supply box, thermostat, control panels, all heater panels, steamer, tent, and light bulbs. We want you to use your sauna not worry about repair costs.

We stand behind all our saunas products and want our customers to be satisfied for as long as they own their sauna.

Simply put, if something does go wrong, we’ll fix it.

If your sauna product stops working, call us. We will have you run a few tests and send you any needed replacement parts at no cost to you.

Email Us:

Call Us: (562) 215-1031 / (213) 245-7232 Monday - Friday 24-hour service

SAUNASNET® Luxurious Cube Outdoor Sauna Room Square 01

Product Details Description

The square sauna design helps achieve even distribution of hot air. Because the walls are of equal length, hot air can flow more evenly within the sauna, resulting in a more even temperature distribution throughout the room. This provides a more comfortable and consistent sauna experience.

Explosion-proof lights
The lighting that can withstand high temperatures illuminates the sauna and is extremely safe.

Thermometer and hourglass

The thermometer can display the temperature of the sauna room in real time, the hourglass can tell time.

Wooden barrel and spoon

Using these two tools, sprinkling water onto the heated volcanic stones can produce a large amount of steam, allowing the sauna to heat up quickly.

Top waterproofing facilities

The sauna is covered with asphalt shingles. Asphalt tiles not only have excellent waterproof properties, but also have thermal insulation properties, reducing heat loss in the sauna.

Furnace frame

A wooden frame, fixed to the side of the sauna room, into which the electric sauna heater can be placed.

Back panel semicircular window

The back panel has two options: full wood panel and semi-circular window


Support your head and lie down more comfortably on the bench.

Volcanic stone

High quality volcanic stone, anti-cracking, sprinkling water on it to generate steam.

Round handle

Stylish round handle, beautiful and non-heat conductive

Both sides bench

Two layers of stools arranged horizontally. Making it possible for multiple people to use the sauna at the same time.


Sauna tinted glass can provide a certain degree of privacy protection, while filtering out some of the strong sunlight and ultraviolet rays, making the light in the sauna soft.

Hemlock finished product

The color of hemlock is relatively light, and the sauna adopts a soft arc design to visually extend the entire space.

Sauna Heaters

ETL electric stoves use electrical energy as a heating source and convert electrical energy into heat energy through resistance heating elements. Generally speaking, they use heating elements that can quickly generate high temperatures and have good temperature control capabilities to ensure even heating and cooking effects of food.

Sauna Benefits

  • 1. Saunas improve overall health, wellness and performance.

    2. Saunas aid in recovery after intense physical activity.

    3. Saunas relax muscles and soothe aches/pains in both muscles and joints.

    4. Saunas flush toxins via sweating process.

    5. Saunas improve brain health.

    6. The heat in the sauna helps us to relax and regulates the level of cortisol in our blood.

    7. Saunas can induce a deeper sleep.

    8. Saunas can help fight illness.

    9. Sauna cleanses the skin.

    10. Saunas burn calories.

    11. Saunas bring out recreational and social benefits.

Sauna Installation Display

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Frequently Asked Questions

01. How long does the juice last?
Our juices are fresh raw and unpasteurised.
Our juice carries a 4-day shelf life.
Please keep your juice refrigerated.
02. Our juice difference?

Juice Pext Juice is proud to press and pour our juice by hand.

We select the freshest produce, supporting local farmers and growers, thoroughly wash our produce then press and pour to give you the freshest, flavourful and most nutritious juice possible.

03. What about sugar?
Our juices contain only natural sugars found in fruit and vegetables. Processed juices in the supermarkets are full of refined sugars, and little nutritional content.

The sweetness in fruit is called fructose, a simple sugar found naturally in plant foods.

In a healthy person, our bodies can easily digested fructose and use it as energy, unlike table sugar which is harmful to our bodies.
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