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1. Outdoor wooden sauna room
Smooth and Stable: The foundation must be flat, solid, and stable to ensure that the sauna can be safely placed on it. If the ground is uneven, filling, grading, or excavation may be necessary to achieve the required foundation conditions.

Good Drainage: The foundation should have good drainage to prevent moisture from accumulating around the sauna. Make sure the foundation is designed with a sufficient slope to allow rainwater to drain away and to avoid water soaking into the sauna floor or timber structure.

Anti-corrosion and moisture-proof: Considering the special environment of the sauna room, the foundation should take anti-corrosion and moisture-proof measures to prevent the wood from getting damp, rotting or other damage. The foundation can be protected using waterproofing materials, moisture-proof membranes or other protective measures.

Proper load bearing capacity: The foundation must be able to withstand the weight and load of the sauna. Make sure the design and material selection of the foundation accommodates the size, weight and structural requirements of the sauna. If necessary, seek the advice of a professional architect or engineer to ensure the foundation meets requirements.

2. Indoor wooden sauna room
Smooth and stable: The foundation must be flat, solid, and able to withstand the weight and load of the sauna. Make sure the floor is flat and has no uneven spots so that the sauna can be placed stably on it.

Moisture-resistant and waterproof: Due to the high humidity in the sauna, the foundation needs to be moisture-resistant and waterproof. A moisture-proof membrane or waterproof coating can be used to protect the foundation and prevent moisture from penetrating and damaging the floor.

Good drainage system: The foundation of the indoor sauna room needs to have a good drainage system to ensure that moisture around the sauna room can be effectively removed and prevent water from soaking into the foundation or sauna room structure.

Insulating Protection: Because of the high temperatures and humidity that a sauna generates, the foundation needs to have insulating protection to prevent heat and moisture from penetrating into the structure or floor below.

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For products in stock, our total delivery time is around 15 days.
For products that are not in stock, our total delivery time is around 60 days.
The specific time will also vary depending on holidays and your home address.

We have passed GS( German), CE(European Union), ETL(North America), SASO(Saudi Arabia), SAA(Australia ).

Our free shipping include what is called "curbside delivery". Curbside delivery means that the freight company will unload the boxes into your driveway or in front of your property. If your driveway is cleared and your garage easily accessible they might agree to put the boxes in but it is at their discretion. Should you be located in a remote location extra shipping fees may apply. If you are living in an apartment building or condominiums, you'll be responsible for bringing the boxes up the elevator to your apartment.

Depending on the size and type of sauna you plan on purchasing, different electrical requirements will be needed.

If you opt for a traditional model, you need to prepare 220v socket with 40AMPS in advance. All of our traditional sauna heaters /steamers are hardwired and must be connected directly to the electrical line.
If you opt for an infrared sauna, you need to prepare 220v hard wires breaker with 20AMPS in advance.

If you opt for a dual-system model, you need to prepare 220v socket with 30AMPS in advance.

Since the specific power of each sauna is different, the above values are for reference only. If you want to know the accurate value, you need to divide the power of the sauna you purchased by the voltage to get the current value of the circuit breaker.

The biggest difference between us and other stores is that we are not a dealer, we have our own factory. So our price is our biggest advantage.
In addition to this, we provide the most personalized customer service in the industry, communicating one-on-one with consumers and factories to provide sauna solutions tailored to their specific needs. We are committed to building genuine relationships with our customers and providing unbiased information about our products.
We also have a strong and complete after-sales system.

For products in stock, we will send you an email when they are shipped out of the warehouse. After arriving at the transfer site, the truck driver will contact you by phone to sign for receipt.

For non-stock products, we will first ship them from the factory to our warehouse. The logistics information during this period cannot be queried. Afterwards, when the sauna leaving the warehouse, we will send you an email and then arrive at the transfer site. The truck driver will contact you by phone to sign for receipt matters.

If you are in a hurry, you can send us an email or text message to inquire about the logistics status of the sauna.

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Yes, the porch will occupy the size of the internal space of the sauna. For the same size sauna, the internal space of the sauna with a porch will be smaller than that of the sauna without a porch.


If you have purchased our installation service, please email or call us a few days before you receive the sauna to let us know that you need installation service, and we will help you make an appointment with the installation company.

If you choose to install the sauna yourself, please email or call us when you receive the sauna (with your order number attached), and we will send you the relevant installation guide or video.