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SAUNASNET® Premium Indoor Sauna With Three-sided glass Dual System 03

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Material: Hemlock

Product Description


The Dual System Sauna allows the user to experience the benefit of traditional and infrared saunas in one sleek design. The Dual System Sauna is the answer to your wishes. The best of both worlds, traditional and infrared sauna in one. Use it as traditional high heat sauna or the gentle heat of a Infrared sauna.

2.Basic Info

03.Product Details

1.Featured Heater Types

Far Infrared Heating 
Far-infrared rays can release 4-14 micron far-infrared light waves, which can directly act on human subcutaneous cells and water molecules.

Steam Heating
The humidity of steam heating is higher than that of far-infrared heating, and steam is used to fumigate the skin, increase the temperature of the body surface, and accelerate the activity of skin cells.

2.Bluetooth Audio

SAUNASNET Carbon Heaters Glass Door Infrared Sauna Room

The sauna room is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, which supports the Bluetooth connection of a mobile phone, and has a resonance effect, just like a stereo sound.

3.Temperature Sensor Probe

SAUNASNET Carbon Heaters Glass Door Infrared Sauna Room

Real-time detection of the temperature in the room, and a safety protection device for abnormal temperature connection.

4.Crystal Door Handle

The crystal style door handle has a good heat insulation effect and also increases the overall aesthetics of the sauna.

5.Ventilation Window

Helps to ventilate and change the air inside the sauna, enhancing a comfortable sauna experience.

6.Comfortable Bench
Can sit, lie down, recline, natural wood, comfortable touch, clear wood grain, feel natural.

04.Solid Wood Type

Red cedar

The wood density is high, the wood grain is elegant and noble, it can produce a long-lasting natural wood fragrance, corrosion resistance, no deformation, and the sauna room made of it has the value of collection. However, the processing technology is complicated and the cost is high, and the sauna room made of it is expensive.

Canadian hemlock
It has high wood density, natural wood grain, good texture, corrosion resistance and no deformation. However, the processing technology is complicated and the cost is high, and the sauna room made of the same is expensive.

05.About Installation

The sauna room is made of spliced ​​panels, and the sauna room has fixed card slots, which can be easily installed by only 2 people. If you encounter any unclear problems during installation, we can provide video guide installation here. Or you can choose our installation package, we will have a cooperative installation company to install the sauna room on site (except for electrical installation).You could receive your disassembled sauna in the morning and be ready to enjoy it that night!

06.Tips for Use

1. Remove makeup before taking a sauna, so as not to affect the detoxification effect.
2. It is not advisable to take a sauna when you are oversaturated with an empty stomach. If you are oversaturated with an empty stomach, it will cause discomfort to the human body.
3. Drink an appropriate amount of warm water before entering the sauna room, which can not only promote the body to perspire, but also play a role in expelling cold.
4. It is not recommended to take a shower within 4 hours of sauna, and it is not advisable to eat cold drinks within 2 hours, so as not to damage the effect of sauna.
5. After taking a sauna, wait for the heat to dissipate, and then come out after the body adapts to the temperature outside the sauna room, so as to avoid the physical discomfort caused by the rapid alternation of hot and cold.
6. If you feel dizzy or uncomfortable when using the sauna room, stop using it immediately or take a proper rest.
7. Be careful not to hold back your bowel movements before and after sauna use.

07.Sauna Benefits

SAUNASNET Premium Dual System Sauna With Three-sided glass

1.Improved circulation and lower blood pressure.
2.Cardiovascular workout.
3.Respiratory benefits.
4.Removal of Toxins and Impurities from the body.
5. Relieved Tension, Stress and Mental Fatigue.
6.Burning Calories.
7.Maintaining clear and healthy skin.

08.Shipping & After Sales

The warranty for our products is 1 year. With regard to after-sales service, we offer online technical support and free spare parts. Since this product is an oversized product, we need a production time of 20-30 days and a delivery time of 25-35 days. The total delivery time is 55-65 days.