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SAUNASNET® New Portable Outdoor Tent Sauna

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Product Description

NEW DESIGN: Unlike any the world has ever seen before.The Portable Outdoor Tent Sauna is a unique wood-burning sauna designed to be quick to assemble and provide a relaxing environment of up to 200°F.


WEATHER-PROOF FABRIC: The product is made from two layers of durable weather-proof Oxford 210D fabric with a lightweight, powerful layer of insulation between. We've tested our design in rain and snow, on frozen lakes and mountain tops - it takes it all in stride. Reinforced corners, ground-seal wind skirting, and holdfast steel stakes mean you can take the best sweat of your life absolutely anywhere.

FAST HIGH HEAT OUTPUT: The product outpaces cheap infrared and steam saunas. That's the power of traditional sauna wood-fired heat. Our specially designed stainless steel stove produces the highest heat output possible (200°F) in the shortest amount of time (30 minutes).

CONVENIENCE: Designed to go with you anywhere,it packs small and fits in your trunk. With just 3 minutes from unzip to fire lit, our special "QuickPop" design allows you to set up alone or with a partner. Weighing in at less than 60 lbs, we've built the lightest traditional group sauna ever.

HEALTH PROMOTING: Promote physical wellness - Increasing blood flow & boosting metabolic process.Improve mental health - Promoting better sleep & reduction of stress.Speed recovery - lowering inflammation & reducing muscle soreness.
​Whether you're suffering from chronic pain, heart conditions, or looking to achieve peak recovery, adding daily sauna into your life can be a powerful part of the equation.

SIZE:1800*1800*2100 (mm)


Thermal Tent
Stainless Steel Stove