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Why is it recommended to buy a barrel sauna? Here are eight reasons

Written by JamesN.Mak


Posted on August 22 2022

Why is it recommended to buy a barrel sauna? Here are eight reasons

1. Barrel sauna heats up fast

Barrel saunas have less unused airspace but the same amount of usable airspace, allowing heaters of the same size to heat the room faster.

2. The heat distribution in the room is more uniform.

In a barrel sauna, the curvature of the room allows the upper heat to be pushed down the sides and back into the sauna as new heat rises from the heater.

3. Wood moves with temperature.

You can expect longer life from the best saunas, and the barrel saunas here are top-notch.

4. Creates a very strong structure.

Plus, the slats are slotted and threaded at the ends for a tight, secure fit that eliminates the need for excessive and unsightly fasteners for a lifetime of use.

5. Is an ideal outdoor design

The polymer support frame allows the barrel to be placed on any flat surface, and Western Canadian Red Cedar is naturally waterproof and insect resistant. Your sauna requires little routine maintenance.

6. Barrel saunas are very effective

The sauna is also kept cool outside. Using a barrel sauna on a regular basis will most likely not have a noticeable impact on your utility bills.

7. Provide a comfortable seat with built-in comfortable back support.

Soft red cedar wood stays cool in all conditions and is very comfortable and soft on your skin.

8. Add beauty and character to your backyard setting.

Saunas can be placed almost anywhere, and the environment can be enhanced with vegetation, landscaping, or even planting vines on the sauna.



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