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Why Choose Infrared

Written by wpwp


Posted on January 07 2023

To read more about why you would want a full spectrum infrared sauna.

Let’s get started…

Infrared light is defined as electromagnetic radiation that has a wavelength just greater than that of the red end of the visible light spectrum. The light spectrum (also known as the electromagnetic spectrum) moves from the shortest light wavelengths on the left to the longest waves on the right. Let’s go through each portion of the spectrum.

The most biologically damaging light waves are gamma rays, which are the shortest. Gamma rays are what bad guys use to vaporize people in comic books. They are created by the hottest, most energetic objects found few places in the universe, such as pulsars, neutron stars, supernovas, and areas around black holes (not great for saunas).

The next invisible light on the spectrum is ultraviolet light which accounts for about 10 percent of the light energy coming from the sun. This form of light is more likely to cause harm than healing when exposed for long periods of time.

Visible light is the next portion of the spectrum and allows for our sense of sight and color. Here is an image to show you just how little the visible spectrum of light makes up of all light (see the color strip towards the middle?)



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