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Where should you put your sauna in your home?

Written by JamesN.Mak


Posted on September 30 2022

Most basements will have enough space for a sauna. They probably have enough space to fit a space large enough for multiple people. A backyard shed, deck or ADU can also be a great place for a sauna. Basically, any space that can use a proper heat source and a proper floor can be used.

Do outdoor saunas need to be insulated?

In short, unless your small outdoor sauna is a barrel sauna, you need to keep warm. This process stops the heat from flowing too much. It works by slowing down the rate at which heat is dissipated, or the rate at which heat is added. Insulation prevents moisture from entering and retains internal heat.

How far should the sauna heater be from the wall?

In special cases, heaters can be placed on the side walls, but as close as possible to the wall with the door. Install heater 10½ in.

Are bigger sauna heaters better?

If you add a lot of water to the sauna rock, having a larger sauna heater will increase the recovery rate of the sauna heater, thus producing more steam. Smaller sauna heaters have less heat recovery and take longer to reheat after pouring water over rocks.

Why put water on the stones in the sauna?

Why Are Sauna Heater Rocks Important? The sauna stone stores the heat from the sauna heater. When the bather pours water over the scalding rocks, the steam merges with the dry air in the room, giving the bather a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Never use the heater without a stone, as this may cause a fire.



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