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What is the difference between the three types of sauna and steam SPA

Written by JamesN.Mak


Posted on August 12 2022

1. Different origins.

There are different opinions about the origin of the sauna, but the more consistent one is that it originated in ancient Rome. Khanjang: It is said that it was developed by King Sejong of the Joseon Dynasty in order to treat diseases for the common people. About six hundred years old. SPA originated in Europe.

The discussion on the origin of the term SPA has a word that runs through it, "hydrotherapy", which reflects the important role of water in the field of healing in ancient times and in early European spa culture.

2. the meaning is different.

Sauna, also known as Finnish bath, refers to the process of physical therapy on the human body with steam in a closed room. Usually the temperature in the sauna can reach above 60 ℃. Steaming is a kind of heat therapy with a long history and is a major feature of Korea. Korean-style steaming is to warm yellow mud and various stones, and people sit or lie down to dispel the wind, ward off cold, warm the body and activate blood, and warm the skin and beautiful face.

SPA refers to the use of water resources combined with bathing, smearing skin care products and aromatherapy to promote metabolism and satisfy the human body's vision, taste, touch, smell and thinking to achieve a pleasant enjoyment of body and mind.

3. Different functions Health benefits of sauna.

In a high temperature environment, the deep layer of the skin can produce an internal heat effect, and the body sweats a lot, which is conducive to expelling all kinds of garbage in the body, and is also conducive to the elimination of diseases.

At the same time, due to repeated hot and cold dry steaming and washing of the body, it can achieve the effect of enhancing the elasticity of blood vessels and preventing hardening of the arteries.

The effects of sweat steam include: activating cells, purifying blood, improving symptoms of physical strain, promoting metabolism and purifying body fluids, regulating autonomic nerves, regulating endocrine, enhancing human immunity, and eliminating free radical damage.

The effects of SPA include: beautifying the body; relieving stress; accelerating the metabolism of fat and sugar in the body, which is indeed effective in weight loss.



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