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What is a Christmas sauna?

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Posted on December 10 2022

What is a Christmas sauna?

Today the Christmas Sauna tradition continues; most people go to sauna to bathe and relax before attending the Christmas Eve celebrations. The typical sauna routine is to go to sauna in the evening, but the Christmas Sauna is enjoyed before sunset on Christmas Eve.

What is a Christmas sauna in ca?

The sauna is washed properly for Christmas, and fresh bench covers, candles and lanterns are brought to the sauna to create the right atmosphere.

In which countries is Christmas sauna a tradition?

In the Nordic countries, the most important Christmas celebration takes place on Christmas Eve. Finnish traditions include the Christmas sauna and the preparation of Christmas dinner.

Do you wear a bathrobe in a sauna?

Nudity is only required in the sauna rooms themselves. You are welcome to wear a towel or bathrobe in the rest of the sauna area. Synthetic bathing suits may let off steam from the heat. This process can have negative effects on your health as well as that other sauna visitors.



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