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What are the Major Benefits of Using Sauna?

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Posted on February 27 2023

What are the Major Benefits of Using Sauna?
Sauna remains extremely popular in the modern world
Have you ever wondered about all the benefits that sauna therapy can provide for you and your family members? This kind of heat and water therapy is probably one of the most favourite ones among humankind.

In distant past our ancestors used to visit sauna on a regular basis, in order to reach ideal cleanness and improve health, spending sauna rituals in silence, avoiding making any noise, eating or drinking in sauna … if they were Japanese. Sauna rituals turned into real festive occasions. As people did not only wash but also socialised, painted, read poems and ate in sauna, if they were Roman . Whether they were Georgian, sauna rituals took place a bit differently.

However, they also went to sauna with their guests and friends and celebrated these occasions with noisy parties, which could last for the whole day. Despite originating from the ancient times, sauna remains extremely popular in the modern world. It is definitely no accident! So, let’s have a deeper insight into the long list of sauna advantages.

Sauna is a perfect place for psychological relaxation
First of all, no matter how sociable you are sauna will become a perfect place for psychological relaxation. Thus, if you feel more comfortable spending time in a big company. Sauna can become a good reason to get together and share some fresh news, spend some quality time with your friends or relatives and forget about numerous exhausting everyday tasks. On the other hand, if you enjoy spending some time on your own, sauna will become a perfect place for meditation, and relaxation in an atmosphere of total tranquillity.

Interestingly, one more serious benefit of sauna is its ability to relieve symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. As it helps to calm down and perfectly improves mood. Even those who feel themselves physically well and are lucky not to suffer from any kind of medical condition, can visit sauna every now and then, in order to maintain their psychological health on the same good level.

Magic sauna effect for sportsmen
Sportsmen highly appreciate magic sauna effect and like to use it both before and after trainings. Pre-training sauna visits help to warm up muscles and prepare them for the intensive workout, which decreases the risk of getting injuries during the training. Sauna increases sportsmen endurance, as regular sauna visits imply the rise of a heat tolerance threshold. This change allows sportsmen to perform more efficiently for a longer period of time with less effort. After the productive workout it is always good to visit a sauna to release tensions in body, relax muscles and eliminate accumulation of lactic acid and, as a result, prevent post-training muscle pains. Sauna sessions will indeed hasten the recovery from workouts.

Sauna and detox
Detox is one more possible application of sauna. Saunas are a great way to detoxify your body. Adjusting to quite high temperatures organism begins regulating its own temperature, in order to avoid overheating. This is the time when a person in a steam room starts sweating, his pores open up and release all the metabolic waste as well as toxins. What is more, regular sweating followed by a shower effectively cleanses your skin, makes it healthier, improving the complexion in general. Sauna sessions boost metabolism, increase cell saturation with oxygen, causing more intensive capillary activity. Due to the improved blood flow new skin cells grow better while all the dead cells are removed faster. Thus, in addition to detoxifying effect, sauna promotes rejuvenation.

Some medical news about sauna session
There is also some good news for those suffering from particular medical conditions. People with high blood pressure or congestive heart failure can use saunas to help with their blood circulation. As a result of enhanced blood circulation, symptoms of cold feet will also be relieved. A steam sauna can be very effective in reducing chronic pains, or, for example, rheumatoid arthritis. Dry heat positively influences lungs during the bronchial asthma, while steam sauna clears the sinuses and opens the nasal passages.

Additional numerous positive effects can be reached through alternation of sauna sessions with cold water immersions. A steam sauna used in conjunction with a cold shower can relieve symptoms of neurodegenerative disease, reduce the frequency of muscle spasms, and strengthen one’s immune system in general. However, it is necessary to remember that sauna sessions are not suitable for everyone. So, children younger than 3 months should not be taken to the steam room.

Pregnant women should also be very careful with visiting sauna, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy. People who have recently suffered from advanced heart failure, heart valve disease, a myocardial infarction, angina pectoris or aortic stenosis should not use a steam sauna as well. In general, one’s



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