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Traditional Panoramic Barrel Sauna

Written by JamesN.Mak


Posted on July 29 2022

Product Description
Panoramic Window Wooden Outdoor Steam Barrel Sauna
The barrel sauna is a traditional steam barrel sauna. The barrel design is practical, sturdy, stylish, and allows for maximum heat circulation. In a barrel-shaped sauna, the heat gets circulated back down along the curved walls instead of pooling near the top, this creates a constant flow of evenly distributed heat throughout the sauna.

Brand Name : Saunasnet
Product Name: Barrel Sauna With Panoramic View Window
Main Material : Solid Wood
Solid Wood Type : Hemlock/Red Cedar
Function : Wet Steam, Wet Steam
Door Glass :8 mm tempered glass
Heater :6kw Electric Stove/Wood Burning Stove
Voltage : 220V
Accessories:Sauna Room Base, Sauna Stove, Stone, Wooden Cask, Wooden Spoon, Sandglass, Hygrothermograph, Hammer
Operatting Temperature Range: 0°C - 90°C / 32°F - 195°F
Application : Outdoor
Usage : Relax, Health,Keepinf fit,Slimming



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