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Posted on March 16 2023

One. Muscle Generation is important. Thanks to the Hydro Massage (check out the MyLine Wellis Hot Tub line) you can also experience this regeneration. It doesn't just soothe the neck muscles, but also to all the groups of muscles in the core, and also imitate the experience of weightlessness! In your own home!

I often think I'm uber healthy with my KOBOX and my Vegan diet. Though like many people I work a lot in the sitting position, writing blogs, editing Vlogs etc.

My head is tilted in the same position for hours and that's not factoring being squashed on the tube, sitting hunched in the car etc. City living is not the best for posture.

Two. Oxygen therapy improves the oxygen level of water by over 70%. It improves skin oxygenation and hydration, but also removes impurities.

The essence of the therapy was to deliver higher levels of oxygen to the subcutaneous connective tissue, which – by stimulating collagen synthesis, metabolism and self-healing processes – led to significant results not only in healing, but also in the prevention of skin diseases.

Three. A New way to work out! I always thought that hot tubs were for playboy parties and relaxation. Until I saw the brochure for the Swim Spas by Wellis. Who knew that you could use a hot tub for weightloss? Did I miss a meeting?

Their Swim Spa product line has an in-built counter-current system developed by Wellis, that enables you to enjoy the sensation of relaxing in a swimming pool, while actually you are taking care of your body and soul in the comfort of your home.

This is perfect if you feel like the only time you deserve a relaxing spa, is after a workout.

Four. Aromatherapy is very useful in treating psychological disorders such as stress, depression, and anxiety.

There is so much optionality with Wellis that you can get the perfect Hot Tub for you. If it's heightened relaxation you're after then you should opt for one that provides Aromatherapy.

From their Peakline range the tubs are equipped with new, improved aroma pumps. The fragrance is added to the water in liquid form using a pump dispenser.

Five. Give your patio a real facelift. Ok so this isn't strictly a health benefit, but these Hot Tubs are so well designed, sleek and modern, that your patio or outdoor area will really be a place that you'll want to show off.

It will also bring great joy to the rest of your family and friends. People might start nagging you that they want to come around more often, but it's a great way to socialise. Naturally if I get one installed I will be charging admission prices. Need to keep the lights on somehow folks.



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