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Steam Sauna Bath | Saunas, Steam Showers & More

Written by wpwp


Posted on March 27 2023

Picture yourself coming home from a long day at work and perhaps an even longer drive home in traffic, to relax in the warmth of a steam bath or shower. Benefits from the steam include warming muscles to help relax them, thus boosting your immune system and promoting antibody production. A steam shower is known for rejuvenating, deep cleaning and hydrating the skin while helping to eliminate harmful toxins and enhancing the respiratory system.

Most agree that the ideal temperature to achieve the best results from a steam sauna is between 109 and 114 degrees, with a relative humidity of 100%. Saunas should have mist or steam and control systems are necessary in order to prevent steam from escaping. A sauna increases the supply of oxygen to tissues and cells, increases the number of white blood cells, boosts the immune system and increases the nutrient supply. It has also been recommended for people who suffer from bronchitis and bronchial asthma.

If you have always enjoyed the relaxed feeling after a steam shower or a sauna taken at your local spa or health club you can now enjoy that same feeling without leaving your own home. The steam provides many benefits that are both healthy and relaxing, which is why many people are choosing to install them in their homes. An additional benefit is that it can be a good investment that may increase your homes resale value as well.

There are two basic ways or options to install a shower steam sauna in your home, including building your own or buying a self contained unit. A self contained unit is more expensive than building your own but the ready made options have different choices, such as a basic package, a deluxe steam shower, combination shower and whirlpool or combination shower and sauna. The basic will normally include a soap container, steam jet and built in seating, where as the deluxe models will usually have multiple water jets, foot massagers, remote control, hand held shower nozzles, etc. Some even include aromatherapy oil distribution capacity; you will essentially have a mini spa in your own bathroom.

If you have the necessary skills, then you may decide to build and install your own steam shower, or you can hire a plumber and electrician to work along with you on the project. To get the full benefit of the steam you will need to install a steam generator that produces the water vapour needed. Also, be sure to enclose the roof of the shower with an acrylic dome top or something similar and seal the enclosure with a special door so that no escaping steam will harm your wallpaper, paint or drywall.



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