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The 2 Best Far Infrared Saunas

Written by JamesN.Mak


Posted on July 28 2022

1.Saunasnet Far Infrared Sauna Room with Recliner

Size and power:
1 people size: 730*610*1240*1300*1800*1900mm, power: 2300W/220V
2 people size: 1800*1800*1900mm, power: 3400W/220V
Material: Canadian Hemlock/Red cedar
Tempered glass thickness: 8mm
Operatting Temperature Range: 0°C - 65°C / 32°F - 149°F
Configuration: control panel (FM&MP3+USB+Bluetooth), ventilation window, oxygen bar, reading light, temperature sensor, speaker, 7-color physiotherapy lamp, remote control, 8mm tempered glass, door handle.

2.Home Ozone Far Infrared Sauna for Slimming Body

Size: 1800*1200*1900 mm
Heater: Full Spectrum And Carbon Panel
Material: Red Cedar
Max Temperature: 60 DEGREES
Packing: Cartons
Power: 2700 W
High Light: 2700 W Far Infrared Sauna, Ozone Far Infrared Sauna, Red cedar infrared sauna

2700 W Slimming Body Home Use Red Cedar Ozone Far Infrared Sauna
Standard Configuration:
1. Control pannel with MP3, FM, bluetooth
2. Heater: full spectrum and carbon panel
3. benches
4. Oxygen ionizer,
5. Speaker,
6. Temp sensor,
7. Ventilation windows,
8. LED reading lamp,
9. Colored starlight (7 colours)
10. Transparent tempered glass



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