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How to use a traditional Finnish sauna

Written by wpwp


Posted on January 09 2023

According to the North American Sauna Society, you should give yourself plenty of time to enjoy a traditional Finnish sauna. These are the steps they recommend you take:

Before you enter the sauna, drink one to two glasses of water and rinse off in a shower
Warm yourself in a dry sauna for up to 10 minutes without adding humidity.
Exit and rinse off in a second quick shower.
Allow your body to continue to cool down by drinking something refreshing, such as water.
Re-enter the sauna for another 10 minutes or so. For this second visit, you can add steam by ladling water onto the sauna rocks.
You can also use a traditional whisk made of tree twigs to gently beat or massage the skin. This whisk is called a vihta in Finnish. It’s often made from eucalyptus, birch, or oak. Using a vihta is thought to help reduce muscle aches and soften skin.
Exit and wash your body thoroughly; cool down again with a glass of water.
Re-enter the sauna for your final visit of approximately 10 minutes.
Cool down in a cold outdoor pool or by rolling in snow. You can also use a cool-to-cold indoor shower.
Lie down and relax for as long as you need to.
Drink at least one full glass of water, accompanied by a light snack.
Once your body feels completely cooled down and has stopped perspiring, you can dress and exit the saunaroom.



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