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How to choose a cabin sauna

Written by JamesN.Mak


Posted on August 12 2022

1. the circuit is arranged

The lighting and stove in the sauna room need to be discharged separately. Therefore, if you decide to install the sauna room, it is best to select the product before the concealed project and clarify the specific location of the wiring. And decide whether to use 220 volts or 380 volts as needed.

2. Plate selection

There are many boards that can be used for sauna rooms, and white pine, Korean pine, and cedar wood are all commonly used materials. The best materials are hemlock and red cedar. At present, red cedar is more expensive.

3. Reasonable seating

Many saunas are made using the vacant corners of the home, and the interior space is not regular. Because there are a lot of equipment or sundries in the room, professionals should design the shape and position of the seats according to the needs of users and the size of the space.

4. Ventilation optional

There will be ventilation holes at the top of the sauna room, the location and size of which can be negotiated with the designer. Try to avoid opening it in an unventilated place, otherwise it will be useless, and the ventilation effect will not be achieved and the overall beauty will be damaged.

5. with a good scale

To take a sauna at home, the necessary scales must be prepared. Hourglass, thermometer and hygrometer can help users better control the time and effect of sauna. It is best to look at these little things together when customizing products.

6. Select the furnace according to the room

Sauna stoves will be placed in the sauna room, and products with different powers are selected according to the space, and a few families will use 3600 watts or 4500 watts.



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