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How does a sauna work for the skin?

Written by JamesN.Mak


Posted on August 08 2022

Is sauna good for skin? When you sweat in the sauna, you bring extra oxygen and nutrients to the surface of your skin. Therefore, you can get healthier skin through skin cell regeneration. This process also helps hydrate your face and body naturally without any toxic or clogging filler chemicals.

It is believed that sitting in a sauna can help you lose excess fat. If you believe this too, you are dead wrong. A sauna doesn't help you lose weight; it temporarily removes easily replaceable water from your body. Overheating makes your body sweat, and sweating makes you lose water.

How long to do a sauna to detox
The time it takes for a sauna detox may vary depending on your tolerance and daily activity level. To get your body used to infrared therapy, start a 10-15 minute session every other day. Gradually increase to 40 minutes per day within the optimal temperature range.



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