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How can you be safe in a sauna?

Written by JamesN.Mak


Posted on August 01 2022

The precautions for taking a sauna include not being overworked, not hungry, paying attention to hydration, removing jewelry, and people who have a cold or are during menstruation should not take a sauna. Sauna, also known as Finnish bath, refers to the process of using steam to perform physical therapy on the human body in a closed room.

1. It is not advisable to be overworked and hungry

Under normal circumstances, it is not advisable to take a sauna when you are overworked or hungry, because the human body has poor muscle tension and reduced tolerance to cold and hot stimuli when you are tired or hungry. Sauna at this time is likely to cause collapse. If you experience collapse during the sauna, you should immediately lie down and rest, give warm tea or sugar water to drink, and use your fingers to pinch and press acupoints such as Renzhong, Neiguan, and Hegu, or acupuncture at Hegu, Zusanli and other acupoints. Helps in first aid for collapsed patients.

2. Pay attention to hydration

You must pay attention to replenishing water during the sauna. It is best to drink two cups of boiled water before the sauna. Don’t forget to replenish water during the sauna, because the human body will lose a lot of water due to sweating during the sauna. body fluids, which can lead to dehydration if not replenished in time. If dehydration occurs during the sauna session, the patient needs to be moved to a cool environment in time, given appropriate sugar and saline solution, and pay attention to rest.

3. Remove the jewelry

In addition, do not wear jewelry, such as jade pendants, necklaces, watches, etc., when you are in the sauna, because jewelry is easy to absorb heat, and wearing it during the sauna may burn your skin or cause skin discomfort.



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