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Posted on March 01 2023

Infrared saunas may share important similarities with traditional saunas, especially when it comes to health benefits. But the way they distribute heat is completely different. Let me break it down to you:

Infrared heaters give “direct heat” to your body while the traditional ones heat the air in the sauna. What this means in practice is that infrared saunas are faster to heat up. In an infrared sauna, you'll start feeling the heat immediately when you turn the sauna on. For an optimal experience, we recommend waiting 15-20 minutes for your sauna to heat up.

In traditional saunas, the heater needs a lot of time to reach an ideal temperature, especially if it has a large number of stones. We're talking 30-60 minutes or a little more depending on the weather outside. With an infrared sauna, you get faster heat with less energy use and a cheaper electric bill.

We know that the science behind sauna health benefits is based on traditional saunas. Nowadays, a lot of those benefits were also proven on infrareds.

It's important to note that here are two main components to the health benefits of saunas: physical heat and mental relaxation. Both are present in infrared and traditional saunas, although their heating mechanisms are different.

With both saunas, the mental relaxation factor is present. Sweating in a sauna helps us release stress - it doesn't matter what kind of sauna we're using. You can explore new levels of relaxation in the new HealthMate infrared saunas - they come with chromotherapy lights and Bluetooth so you can listen to your favorite playlists in the sauna.

While the measured air temperature in the infrared saunas doesn’t get as hot as in traditional saunas, the direct heat on your body compensates for this. Milder temperatures also favor more sauna time, so if you like things such as long meditation sauna sessions the infrared is the way to go.

You might be surprised to find out that the biggest health benefit of infrared saunas has nothing to do with any technical feature. That's because of one simple thing: the right sauna for you is the kind you can use daily. Being so simple and fast to use makes it easier for you to integrate an infrared sauna into your routine.

That is more important than any technological gismo or specification - consistent routines are the key to health. For most people, the solution to regular sauna use is the infrared sauna.



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