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Do you need to oil wood in a sauna?

Written by JamesN.Mak


Posted on October 10 2022

What wood should you NOT use in your sauna?

Likewise, a sauna needs a wood that remains comfortable to the touch even in high heat. Hardwoods such as oak or teak often overheat from prolonged exposure to heat, so we do not recommend using them. With that in mind, be sure to choose wood that doesn't conduct heat.

Do saunas rot wood?

Improper use of an outdoor sauna can cause the most durable woods to rot. To avoid such problems with wood, some special treatment is required. Fungal-affected sauna wood can be treated with UV radiation. UV light can inactivate all types of mold.

Do you need to oil wood in a sauna?

You should only use the oil on the bench once or twice a year, so the whole process isn't all that time-consuming. Oil also protects benches from dust and moisture and gives them their nice color and shine.

Are you always wrapped in a towel in the sauna?

You should use the sauna naked, but you should remember that you must always lie on a towel with your feet on the towel to prevent sweat from seeping into the plank. It is recommended to wrap the hair in a towel to prevent excessive drying from the hot sauna air.

Should I sweat in the sauna?

A towel on the bench protects the sauna and keeps it hygienic from one session to the next. Your body towel should be used several times during your training session to wipe away sweat, as this will cause your body to sweat more instead of water. After sauna, wipe thoroughly with a towel.



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