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Do saunas run on 220 or 240?

Written by JamesN.Mak


Posted on September 26 2022

Does the sauna run on 110 or 220?

The current draw of a traditional sauna heater is typically 30-60 amps, depending on the size of the heater. Additionally, most North American sauna equipment is designed for 60Hz. AC only, 220-240 volts required.

Is 220 too hot for a sauna?

Generally, the safe temperature range is between 78-90°C (180-195°F). While saunas can get hotter (reportedly up to 160°C 220°F), this is far beyond what is safe (at least for most people).

What lights are used in the sauna?

LED lights are suitable for lower temperature infrared saunas, but are not recommended for traditional saunas as they can get too hot and damage the bulbs. For steam rooms, explosion proof lights are used to protect them from steam.

What does a red light in a sauna do?

Red light therapy works by using red low-level wavelengths of light to create biochemical effects in cells by penetrating about 5 millimeters below the skin's surface. This action helps strengthen mitochondria and increase cellular energy to improve cell performance.



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