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Customer Questions and Answers About the Barrel Sauna

Written by JamesN.Mak


Posted on August 22 2022

Customer Questions and Answers About the Barrel Sauna

Do barrel saunas need insulation?

Barrel saunas don't require insulation, as they handle the weather well. They have planks that don't give off much heat. Their design allows heat to flow easily.

What do you put under the barrel sauna?

There are a variety of materials that can be used as a base for a barrel sauna, but the most popular materials include concrete slabs, flagstones, wooden platforms, brick pavers, and compressed gravel. If you have a barrel sauna at home, any floor type is suitable, but carpeting is not recommended.

How do you prepare the venue for the sauna?

Don't worry if your sauna is on uneven ground, you can use the entire area. Prepare the surrounding. Dig the perimeter, extending a few inches from the perimeter. Backfill the area with some gravel to help with drainage and provide a nice resting area for your frame.

Why do we prefer barrel saunas to regular saunas?

Barrel saunas heat up faster.
The circular design distributes the heat more evenly in the sauna.
Outdoor barrel saunas are very effective.
This is an ideal outdoor design that requires no maintenance.
Ball and socket profiles allow the wood to move as the temperature changes.

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