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Can the sauna be placed outside?

Written by JamesN.Mak


Posted on July 30 2022

If your sauna is located outside, make sure you have adequate drainage to prevent water from accumulating on the bottom of the sauna. It is best not to place the sauna on grass, gravel or rocks. Preheating may be affected if placed near or on cool surfaces such as concrete and basement walls.

External requirements for sauna room

1. Decoration

If the ground requirements are not high, it is enough to make a cement floor. General decoration requires ordinary floor tiles, which is conducive to cleaning. Before making walls and floors, make walls and floors first
Waterproof, the general waterproof height is about one meter.

2. Floor drains should be reserved between the floors of the sauna room and the steam room; independent power sources should be reserved for the sauna room and the steam room with leakage protection; the sauna room and steam room have no air conditioning and fire protection requirements; the installation of other equipment, water pipes and electric pipes The connection and the installation of electric lights are all handed over to professional sauna technicians.

3. Ventilation treatment, the ventilation of the sauna room must also be considered during the installation process, mainly to let the sauna room mix the appropriate proportion of hot air and cold air, so that people can have a good sauna effect. One of the reasons is to absorb the air around the heater and transfer the heat to the far end of the room to keep electricity safe in the home.



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