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2023 Cedar Saunas: your comfort and relaxation

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Posted on March 07 2023

Cedar Saunas: your comfort and relaxation

Enjoy the relaxation of a spa right at home with your new barrel sauna! The numerous health advantages of saunas include stress reduction, detoxification, muscle relaxation, and improved blood circulation. Cedar is the most conventional sauna wood type, which is a great option no matter what kind of sauna you want!

How to pick a cedar sauna?

Due to its many advantages, cedar is one of the most widely used materials for barrel sauna Canada. The natural aroma of cedar contributes to the calming effects of your portable sauna. Due to cedar’s inherent resistance to rotting and insects, portable saunas will serve for decades. Cedar saunas are an excellent option for both indoor and outdoor use because of this. Cedar is one of the most traditional types of wood used for a sauna because it offers excellent insulation. Because cedar does not get hot to the touch, you can use your cedar benches and accessories in your sauna without discomfort. Cedar saunas are generally more expensive than other options because of their numerous advantages. But when it comes to your sauna, you don’t want to cut corners on comfort or quality, so it’s crucial to keep all these things in mind as you shop.

Which cedar sauna will suit you best?

There are two varieties of cedar saunas: traditional steam and far-infrared. A wood-burning stove heats rocks inside a steam sauna. When you add water to the heated stones, the effect of steam is produced.

Infrared saunas heat the sauna with light produced by carbon or ceramic panels. Generally speaking, they reach lower maximum temperatures than a regular steam room. However, you will discover that you can sweat just as much, if not more, than in a traditional steam sauna as your body absorbs the light from an infrared sauna. Both of these steam and infrared cedar saunas are fantastic options!

Sizes of cedar saunas
When looking for a cedar sauna, size is a crucial factor to consider. This factor includes both the sauna’s overall dimensions and its capacity. There are cedar saunas that can accommodate one to eight people. Once you’ve determined your capacity, check the cedar sauna’s measurements to ensure it will fit in your intended area. There are many options to consider as you shop for your cedar sauna, including the type of sauna you want, the size and capacity, and the included features. Then, when you have a brand-new cedar sauna in your home to enjoy, it will all be worth it!

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