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SAUNASNET Luxury Traditional Steam Sauna Room

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Material: Hemlock

Size: 39.3''W*43.3''D*74.8''H

Product Description

traditional 2 person steam sauna room

Material: Red Cedar / Heclock
39.3''W*43.3''D*74.8''H (1000W*1100D*1900H mm )(3KW)
47.2''W*43.3''D*74.8''H (1200W*1100D*1900H mm) (3KW)
59.0''W*43.3''D*74.8''H (1500W*1100D*1900H mm )(6KW)
70.8''W*59.0''D*82.6''H (1800W*1500D*2100H mm )(6KW)
70.8''W*59.0''D*96.0''H (1800W*1500D*2400H mm)(6KW)
Operatting Temperature Range: 0°C - 90°C / 32°F - 195°F
Certification: CE, ETL, SAA, ROHS, SASO
Application:Indoor Use Steam Sauna Room
Packaging Details: Wooden Box
Standard Configuration:
1. Control Panel(FM &MP3+USB+BLUETOOTH)
2. Double Speaker
3.Temperature Sensor
4. Stove Heater
5.Explosion-proof volcanic stone
6. Wooden bucket, Scoop
7. Sandglass,Hygrothermograph
8. Reading Light+ 7 Color therapy lamp+Light belt
9. Crystal Door Handle
10. 8mm Transparent tempered glass
Warranty : 1 Year
After-sale Service : Online technical support, Free spare parts
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traditional 2 person steam sauna roomtraditional 2 person steam sauna room

traditional 2 person steam sauna room
traditional 2 person steam sauna room
traditional 2 person steam sauna room
traditional 2 person steam sauna room
 traditional 2 person steam sauna room

Steam rooms have specific health benefits:
1. Improve physical condition. If your body is in a sub-health state, you can sweat a few times. After a period of time, the sub-health state will be significantly improved.
2.The steam room can eliminate fatigue because the steam room helps the human body sweat and fat by transferring heat into the body. In the same way, it is beneficial to relieve the tension of the human body, so as to achieve relaxation and restore the vitality of the body.
3. The steam room can treat insomnia As I introduced to you earlier, the steam in the steam room can help the human body relax the muscles and relax the mood. In order to achieve the effect of restoring the vitality of the body, the same can also effectively improve the quality of sleep of the human body. Relieve insomnia and dreaminess.