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Full Far Infrared Carbon Fiber Glass Red Light Heater Tube

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Voltage: 110V

Product Description:

Carbon Fiber Glass Heater Tube:Carbon fiber glass red light heating tube local fast heating. It has the characteristics of high performance, high strength, safety and long service life. The far-infrared biological spectrum emitted by pure electric heaters is close to the body's own wavelength and is more easily absorbed. Full-spectrum heaters (quartz lamp heaters) can emit light that is most similar to natural light because they emit the full spectrum of light, that is, all light waves。

About The Product
Application: Infrared Sauna.
Design Style: Classic.
Function: Far Infrared.
Main Material: Stainless Steel and Carbon Fiber Glass Tube.
Power: 350W

Personal Healthy Care: After a busy day at work, use our infrared Carbon Fiber Glass Red Light Heater for home massage for health care and physical therapy, which can promote blood circulation, promote metabolism, and detoxify, Infrared will outperform conventional saunas, The use of far infrared technology is helpful to improve cyanide resistance, eliminate toxins and garbage in the body

Compatibility Check: Please check and compare whether the plugs of our products are compatible with your products, please confirm the suitability of your sauna before buying, as the international voltage plugs are not quite the same, please check the compatibility before buying!

One Year After-sales Service: If it works fine, just a small problem, please take photos or videos and contact our sales, they will solve the problem. If it doesn't work, our sales will check it carefully and then offer you a reasonable solution.If the far infrared heater has non-human damage, we will provide a one-year warranty for the indoor sauna. If you have any questions after purchasing the infrared sauna spa, please contact us and we will provide you with solutions as soon as possible.