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Far Infrared Sauna Room Wood Sauna Low EMF Carbon Panel

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Material: Hemlock

Size: 35.4''W*35.4''D*74.8''H

Product Description

Brand Name : SAUNASNET
Product Name: Infrared Wooden Sauna Room
Main Material : Solid Wood
Solid Wood Type : Hemlock / Red Cedar
Product Size:

1 person 35.4''W*35.4''D*74.8''H (900W*900D*1900H mm)( 1350W)
2 person 47.2''W*41.3''D*74.8''H (1200W*1050D*1900H mm) ( 1750W)
3 person 59.0''W*47.2''D*74.8''H (1500L*1200W*1900H mm) ( 2100W)
4 person 70.8''W*47.2''D*74.8''H (1800L*1200W*1900H(mm) ( 2700W)
3-5 person 59.0''*24.8''*48.4''*24.8''*59.0''*74.8''

Handle :Wooden Handle
Door Glass :8 mm tempered glass
Heater :Infrared Carbon Heater
Function: Far Infrared
Voltage : 220V
  • 1. 1350W
  • 2. 1750W
  • 3. 2100W
  • 4. 2700W
  • 5. 2300W

Operatting Temperature Range: 0°C - 60°C / 32°F - 140°F
Application : Apartment&Hotel
Usage : Relax, Health,Keepinf fit,Slimming
Certificate : CE/ETL/SASO/ROHS/ISO9001
Warranty : 1 Year
After-sale Service : Online technical support, Free spare parts
Lead time :Since this product is an oversized product, we need a production time of 20-25 days and a delivery time of 30-35 days. The total delivery time is 50-60 days.

3. Material details:

Red cedar

The wood density is high, the wood grain is elegant and noble, it can produce a long-lasting natural wood fragrance, corrosion resistance, no deformation, and the sauna room made of it has the value of collection. However, the processing technology is complicated and the cost is high, and the sauna room made of it is expensive.

Canadian hemlock

It has high wood density, natural wood grain, good texture, corrosion resistance and no deformation. However, the processing technology is complicated and the cost is high, and the sauna room made of the same is expensive.

4.Technical Description :

Carbon panel

-Slow heating, even heating
-The far-infrared emission wavelength is accurate, and the far-infrared wavelength emitted is 6-14 micrometers, which conforms to the physiological rhythm of the human body, low energy consumption, and precise surface temperature control. However, the manufacturing process is complicated, the core technology is difficult to master, the material cost is high, and the price is high.

Ceramic tube

-Local rapid heating

-With high performance, high strength, safety and long service life, the far-infrared bio-spectrum emitted by pure ceramic tubes is close to the body's own wavelength and is more easily absorbed.

Full spectrum heater
(quartz lamp heater)

-Lights that are most similar to natural light can be emitted because the light they emit is full spectrum, that is, all light waves.

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