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SAUNASNET® Ourdoor Wood Color Right Angle Garden Sauna Square 10

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Material: Hemlock

Size: 4-6 Person (103.93"W * 100"D * 94.48"H)

SAUNASNET® Ourdoor Wood Color Right Angle Garden Sauna captures the essence of natural wood aesthetics and tranquility in its design. The sauna features an 8 mm tempered glass door with transparent glass, adding an element of elegance while maintaining an open atmosphere. Its warm, natural wood finish and color create a cozy ambiance that harmonizes with its surroundings. Available in dimensions of 264 x 254 cm and 265 x 285 cm, this sauna stands as a true embodiment of rustic luxury.

Meticulously crafted, the sauna boasts:

  • 28 mm floor boards for lasting durability
  • 28 mm impregnated terrace boards, ensuring a sturdy foundation
  • PREMIUM internal and external doors, showcasing superior quality
  • PREMIUM windows with double glazing, enhancing insulation
  • A wooden terrace, providing a welcoming pre-sauna relaxation area
  • Sauna room benches that combine comfort and style

SAUNASNET® Ourdoor Wood Color Right Angle Garden Sauna embodies the charm of natural wood and tranquility, promising an unparalleled sauna experience. The harmonious blend of captivating aesthetics and functional features creates an environment where relaxation knows no bounds. Immerse yourself in the allure of this sauna, as its panoramic vistas and meticulously designed features envelop you in a world of serene luxury.