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Solid Hemlock Wooden Infrared Spa Sauna Steam Room 6KW For 5 Person(Indoor)

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Material: Hemlock

Size: 70.86''W*70.86''D*82.67''H

Solid Hemlock Wooden Infrared Spa Sauna Steam Room 6KW For 5 Person

Material: Hemlock
Heater Type: FULL SPECTRUM+ Harvia Electric Heater
Function: Promotes Circulation, Relieves Pain, Boosts Mood
Capacity: 5 Person
Product Size:
70.86''W*70.86''D*82.67''H(1800*1800*2100mm)6KW 220V
78.74''W*78.74''D*82.67''H(2000*2000*2100mm)6KW 220V
86.61''W*86.61‘'D*82.67''H(2200*2200*2100mm)6KW 220V
Voltage : 220V
Door Glass: 8mm Tempered Glass
Handle: Wood Handle
Product Name: Infrared Steam Sauna Room
High Light: 6KW spa sauna steam room, Hemlock spa sauna steam room, Hemlock wooden steam sauna

Benefits of an Infrared Sauna
Promotes circulation
Relieves pain
Boosts mood1
Because infrared heat penetrates human tissue versus simply heating the surface of the skin, many people claimed infrared saunas are more effective than traditional saunas at detoxifying the body.
Infrared is able to assist with myriad bodily concerns. The powerful heat of the infrared lights promote circulation in the body, which can lead to increased metabolism, muscle and joint pain relief, boosted immune system, and, of course, stress and fatigue reduction.


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