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Why Is Cedar Timber Used In Saunas?



Posted on July 28 2023

Red cedar is a popular choice for outdoor saunas due to its durability, natural resistance to decay and insects, and aesthetically pleasing appearance. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why red cedar is the preferred wood for outdoor saunas.

Red cedar is a highly durable wood that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Its natural resistance to rot and decay makes it an ideal choice for outdoor use. The wood is also resistant to warping and cracking, which can occur when exposed to moisture and temperature changes. This means that red cedar saunas can last for many years without the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Natural Resistance to Insects
Red cedar contains natural oils that repel insects such as termites and ants. This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor saunas, where insects can be a common problem. The natural oils in the wood also give it a pleasant aroma, which can enhance the sauna experience.

Aesthetically Pleasing Appearance
Red cedar has a beautiful, warm-toned appearance that can enhance the overall look of an outdoor sauna. The wood has a rich grain pattern that gives it a unique and natural look. Over time, the wood will develop a silver-grey patina, which adds to its rustic charm.

Easy to Work With
Red cedar is a lightweight wood that is easy to work with, making it ideal for sauna construction. The wood can be easily cut, shaped, and sanded to create the desired sauna design. It also holds screws and nails well, which makes it easy to install.

Low Maintenance
Red cedar saunas require very little maintenance. The wood's natural oils protect it from moisture and insects, which means that it does not require regular treatments or coatings. However, it is recommended to apply a protective coating every few years to maintain the wood's appearance and durability.

In conclusion, red cedar is an excellent choice for outdoor saunas due to its durability, natural resistance to decay and insects, aesthetically pleasing appearance, ease of use, and low maintenance requirements. If you are considering building an outdoor sauna, red cedar is definitely worth considering as your wood of choice.



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