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Q&A about saunasnet

Written by JamesN.Mak


Posted on September 07 2022

How long does it take to sweat with the product?

Answer: Everyone’s constitution is different, and the sweating degree and time are also different. It varies from person to person. Generally, the temperature of sweating is about 40 degrees. It is not that the faster the sweating, the better.

Is the product painted?

A: The interior of the sauna room is smoothed by pure manual grinding on the basis of logs, without adding any paint. In order to use the sauna room for more corrosion resistance and longer service life, the sauna room has been specially treated with green environmental protection paint on the outside.

Are the sauna products waterproof?

Answer: There is a certain space at the bottom of the sauna room, and the wood at the bottom is also treated with anti-corrosion. The sauna room can be used directly in the dry area of the shower room. The interior cannot be directly splashed with water for cleaning. The water should be wiped off as soon as possible. Avoid immersion in water or use in prolonged humid environments.



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